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Looking for an adventure?

Serena´s location allows a wide range possibilities. There are events and activities for every season and for small and large groups.


Adventure Track

Our popular Adventure Track is located in the immediate vicinity of Serena rental cottages. The Adventure Track consists of three dizzying performances: Abseiling from a 23 m high cliff (equivalent to a 7-storey building), Gorge crossing at more than 10 meters of altitude, you run over the cliff edge and slide 50 m to the opposite rock and finally the 220 m long Cable Slide over the pond (a speed of 45 km/ hour has been measured)!

All performances are guided and ascertained by a professional. This has been a long-time favorite among groups for many years. The Adventure Track works in summers and in winters for both smaller and larger groups. Weight limit: 120 kg.



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Yard Games and Olympic Winter Games


Dynamic and entertaining games for recreation and work satisfaction-day, suitable for groups of all sizes. During the games the cooperation of the groups improve almost by itself. Here work matters are forgotten when the groups focus on the essentials, ie having fun.