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Spin like in a real tornado! The slide starts 12m above ground floor with a 50-meter tube slide, from where you will dive into a huge bowl! Depending on your speed you will slide one or several laps in the bowl, until… You’ll drop through the opening into the underlying pool! Compare who makes the most laps before ending in the pool. Please note that the landing pool is 2 meters deep, so the user must know how to swim. As with the other slides also Tornado is only allowed for one customer at a time.
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Kids’ Land

Great fun for the little ones! Kids’ Land is designed for children’s needs, with its colorful little slides and exciting forms. Kids’ Land is a great place for children to explore the water safely and enjoyably. Water depth in the Kids’ Land is 0.45 m. When the outside area is open, there is another Kids’ Land out there!
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Kid Slides

Next to the Villivirta stream, two joyful yellow slides and one bright blue slide start. The competition-minded can take to measure the speed! Slide as fast as you can and win the rivals hundredths of a second parts. The Kid Slides are open slides where especially the little ones can enjoy without the pace growing too exciting. The landing pool depth is 0.90 m.

Wave pool

The Wave pool is 0.20 – 1.70 m deep with a shallow end, that is also suitable for smaller children in their parents’ supervision. Be sure to be there by the hour as the waves start!
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Black Hole

Black Hole is a closed tube that is dark all the way. For those who dare it offers an exciting experience, with sound effects included. The landing pool depth of 1.20 meters, making it suitable for sliders of all ages.
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140 meter slide 

The funnily winding slide offers a nice challenge and thrill of speed for water slide lovers of all ages. The landing pool is 1.00 m deep.
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60 meter slide

This 60-meter-long slide is the proud little brother of the 140 m slide, offering the same fun in a slightly shorter form. The 60 meter slide provides an opportunity to experiment with water slides for first-timers, before trying out the more challenging ones.
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Ski Jump

A short run-up hill, but all the more impressive jump into the pool! Do you dare to try? The Landing pool is 1.70 m deep.
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Villivirta / Wild stream

With an impressive length of 159 meters, Villivirta stream is Serena’s long-time favorite! It offers an unforgettable experience for sliders of all ages with its whirls, blistering pace and roaring rapids. You will definitely want to experience Villivirta over and over again!
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Two comfortable and relaxing warm jacuzzies give you some breathing space in the middle of a Wacky Water Park Day!
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The spa area

In the spa area you can swim at your own pace or take a relaxing water massage in the pool.