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Russian briefing:


PRESS RELEASE / WARNING                               25/07/2016      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Water Park Serena, part of the Finnish company Puuharyhmä Plc, has been falsely connected to a Russian scam website aiming to get advance payments from people seeking job from Finland. The company ООО Финсервис (“OOO Finservice”) that claims to be a recruitment service cooperating with Serena since 2012, has put fake job ads to a number of web portals.


Puuharyhmä Plc does not and has never had anything to do with OOO Finservice or any other foreign intermediary, and the employees will never be asked to make any kind of upfront or processing fees as a prerequisite for recruitment. Puuharyhmä Plc hires its staff either directly or using Finnish staffing companies, never by using foreign intermediaries.


A few Russian job seekers have been directly in contact with Serena due to the job ads. Recruiters have asked them to send their personal information for making a visa, and informed them that information will be later confirmed in writing after official check-up.  Then, job seekers have been asked to sign a contract, pay a Work Visa registration fee (4500RUB), and to arrive in two weeks in St. Petersburg to sign the visa papers and to travel to Finland.


Puuharyhmä Plc urges all candidates not to sign a contract nor pay OOO Finservice or other similar intermediary any upfront or processing fees. Puuharyhmä Plc does not accept the use of the name of Serena for this kind of scam sites and has initiated actions against the abuse.


Puuharyhmä Plc is part of the international Aspro Parks Group, which is owns and operates over 60 parks in Europe encompassing a broad spectrum of the leisure market. In addition to Water Park Serena, also ski resort Serena Ski, Visulahti Travel Centre & Theme Park, Tropiclandia Spa and amusement park Puuhamaa belong to Puuharyhmä Plc.


For further information, please contact


Jouko Järvinen

Park Director, Serena


Petteri Järvenpää

Vice Managing Director, Puuharyhmä Oyj


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