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Reserve your visit in advance

There is plenty of space in our park, and it is unlikely that maximum capacity will be reached except during hot days. For example, if you are coming from a longer distance and want to secure your access to the park on a particular day, you can still book your admission in advance. Instructions:
  1. Buy your tickets in advance from our online store
  2. You can book a visit for a max. 2 weeks away. Please complete the form below no later than the day before your visit. Same day bookings will not be considered.
  3. Your ticket will be added to the capacity of the day of the visit. NOTE! The ticket will be marked as used even if you do not arrive at the park. Use advance booking only if you are sure of your arrival date. Unused pre-booked tickets will not be refunded.
  4. Please pre-load your tickets on your mobile phone, or print them on paper. Despite advance booking, tickets will be scanned upon arrival.
  5. Access to the park is in accordance with normal queuing practice. However, if the capacity is full, pre-bookers will still be able to enter.

It is mandatory to indicate the order number of the online ticket. You will find the order number in the header of the confirmation email (SERENA – Your order in Serena XXXXXXX…) and also in your tickets (upper 7-digit number series, see below).