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Safety instructions

Together we ensure the safety of your visit!

  • Serena follows general guidelines from the authorities and the industry due to the coronavirus epidemic to ensure your visit to the water park is safe. According to authorities, there is no evidence that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 could spread through swimming pool waters.
  • Chlorine compounds are always used as a disinfectant in swimming pool waters, which means that viruses are quickly destroyed when they enter swimming pool water. In addition, Serena uses UV filtration.
  • Water park Serena’s pool hygiene is constantly monitored and by regular sampling, both by our own staff and by an external laboratory. Surface hygiene is monitored by regular hygiene tests. In particular, the contact surfaces are with an enhanced cleaning program.

Do I need to book my visit in advance?

  • The maximum number of customers at a time in the water park as of NOV 22, 2020 is 1,000 customers (Serena’s normal maximum capacity in the indoor water park is 2,000).
  • In the winter season the customer amount is much smaller than in the summer season, so no need to make advance reservation.
  • All water park activities are in use. However, please be patient, as some activities (such as the saunas/jacuzzis) have a limited number of customers at a time.

Ticket sales:

  • At the entrance, you get a wristband that should be attached to the wrist by yourself.
  • Remove the label cover and fasten the wrist strap tightly enough to prevent it from coming off. The wristband should be worn throughout the visit.

Changes in the pool area:

  • Jacuzzis max 5 guests at a time.
  • Saunas max 6 customers at a time.
  • Observe the safety distance on the steps of the slides.
  • Please ensure the 1,5 m safety distance e.g. i when moving the sun loungers away.

Changes in restaurant services:

  • Restaurant Granina’s customer seats have been significantly expanded. Granina’s customer premises are in use, as well as the add-on Mainari.

How can I contribute to security?

  1. Follow water park rules and staff instructions. Read more about the rules of the water park.
  2. Take care of hand hygiene. Serena has several hand washing points and hand disinfection facilities have been added to different parts of the park.
  3. Prefer online tickets or card payment. In the case of an online ticket, please download your ticket to your mobile phone before you check out or print it out on paper. This avoids the formation of queues.
  4. Maintain a sufficient safety distance (1.5 m) for other customers and staff. The safety distance is marked, for example, at points of sale and on the stairs leading to the slides. Also please observe the safety distance in the pools.
  5. When you cough, cover your mouth.
  6. Don’t come to the water park if you feel ill.